What Is Myositis | Symptoms Of Myositis

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Now a days there are so many disease are there which causes so many trouble to normal people. Today we will discuss about one of the conditions named Myositis or inflammation of muscle whatever you speak or pronounce.

What Is Myositis?

Myo Means Mucle & Itis Means Inflammation, So Myo+Itis = Myositis Means Inflammation of muscle.

If It is limited to one muscle it is called as Myositis, and if there is involvement of multiple muscles It is defined as Polymyositis. It mostly occurs in the 30-60 age group of people.

When It affects several muscles and causes rash it is called as Dermatomyositis, some times it may be seen in teen age group it is called as juvenile dermatomyositis.

Inclusion Body Myositis, It affects the Lower muscles of thigh, Fore arms and causes difficulty in swallowing(Dysphagia).

Here we have discuss basics of Myositis.

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Causes Of Myositis

There is no particular thing that causes myositis but injury with blunt instruments, Blow of instruments, Any other pathological conditions, Other associating disease are some of the common causes that leads to the myosits.

Symptoms Of Myositis

  • Muscle Weakness
  • Muscle Swelling
  • Redness, Inflammation
  • Pain, Dizziness
  • Unhappyness
  • Difficulty in swallowing.

Also, it may lead to difficulty in sitting , climbing up stairs, Pain while lifting small objects etc.

How To Diagnose The Myositis?

There are various laboratory tests available that helps to diagnose the condition of myositis.

blood tests, to check for raised levels of enzymes and antibodies in your blood
taking a small sample of muscle tissue or skin (biopsy) so it can be examined for swelling, damage and other changes
MRI scans
electromyography (EMG), where a small needle-shaped electrode is put through your skin and into your muscle, after a local anaesthetic, to record the electrical signals from the nerve endings in your muscles.

Treatment Of Myositis

We are news websites and we do not have such a crucial information about treating any kind of disease. We can help you by telling symptoms and give you basics information.

That is why we have provided this link for the treatment plan of myositis:-Read Here

Although You can do Physical Exercise, Yoga, Take Medicine from your family physician, Anti Inflammatory medicines etc.

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