Viral Pup With Emotional Support Pumpkin Has His Own Pumpkin Patch!

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Remember Ollie, the viral pup who carried his Halloween pumpkin everywhere he went last year? Ollie is about to have MANY pumpkins this fall season because he helped to grow his very own pumpkin patch!

Ollie’s humans shared some video footage of the pumpkin loving pup helping to grow his own pumpkin patch in their backyard and the results are looking very promising. It appears that this fall, Ollie won’t just have one favorite pumpkin, but tons!

Ollie Has His Own Pumpkin Patch!

Good Boy Ollie
Good Boy Ollie – Instagram

The love story between a sweet Labrador and his emotional support pumpkin lives on way past the original pumpkin’s demise.

Last fall, Ollie chose one pumpkin to be his bestie and he carried it around with him everywhere he went. When the pumpkin began to rot, Ollie’s humans got him a stuffed pumpkin to carry around. And while that solved the problem, they wanted the pup to have his very own pumpkin again this fall and took matters into their own hands planting a pumpkin patch in the backyard!

Let’s start at the beginning. Last October, Ollie went to a pumpkin patch and picked out his own Halloween pumpkin that he instantly became emotionally attached to.

In the original video that shares the heartwarming story, Ollie is seen carrying his pumpkin around by the stalk, cleaning it, take photos with it and even putting a blanket over it at bedtime.

The video received more than 18 million views on TikTok and 550,000 likes on Instagram.

Two weeks later, an update video showed that Ollie was still very much in love with his orange pal. Fearing that the end of the pumpkin’s life was near, Ollie’s humans had to come up with a plan. They swapped out the rotting pumpkin with a stuffed one and Ollie seemed to take to it easily.

To ensure that Ollie has his pick of emotional support pumpkins this fall, the family decided to plant their own pumpkin patch in the backyard with Ollie’s help, of course.

Ollie Helps Tend To The Pumpkin Patch!

Good Boy Ollie
Good Boy Ollie – Instagram

In a recent update video, Ollie’s fans get to see how far the pumpkin patch has come since planting the seeds to grow Ollie his new best friends.

“Last year my dog got emotionally attached to a pumpkin, so this year we planted him a pumpkin patch,” the video reads. “Here’s an update. The pumpkins are taking over. He has so many pumpkin babies. He watches them every day. He doesn’t have a favorite yet. Now we just wait for them to get bigger.”

@good.boy.ollieBig pumpkin patch update! 🎃♬ Oh Klahoma – Jack Stauber

The update video has received nearly 7 million views and tons of supportive and loving comments on TikTok. Everyone is excited for the new pumpkins!

“Oh boy this is very exciting, the pumpkins are coming!!” one follower wrote in the comments of the TikTok video. “The emotional support pumpkin was my introduction to Ollie!” wrote another

Another fan wrote, “I’ve been waiting an entire year for this moment and I can’t wait. 🥰😂”

Another recent update shows a bit of a sad turn of events that Ollie’s humans were able to make a happy moment. The video shows the pup finding a rotting pumpkin, but a quick solution made the situation a little bit better.


@good.boy.ollieAt least he looks cute in his hat 🥲🎃♬ original sound – Good Boy Ollie

“My mental health is riding on Ollie’s pumpkins thriving,” one follower wrote. “The fact that I’m invested in a strangers dogs pumpkin patch is both amazing and hilarious,” shared another.

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