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Thop TV is one of the popular apk that is used for watching live cricket matches and other OTT programs like serials and news etc.

Before you download this app called Thop tv keep in mind these things about the app and other apk providing websites.

Many people do not use these types of apps but they download movies from websites like JioRockers, which is also an illegal way to watch movies and shows.

What is Thop TV?

Thop TV app is a free app available on android that provides free OTT shows and series such as lice cricket, TV serials, Some shows on Netflix, amazon prime, etc.

Many people use this third-party piracy app that causes harm to other service providers by getting their viewers and users. Although there are people who use OTT platforms like Netflix and amazon prime by purchasing subscriptions with legal methods.

Thop TV Pro Apk download is a completely free alternative online entertainment source. iPhone owners can watch unlimited video games without a subscription.

A new addition to the app IP TV is supported. And the best part is that it’s totally free worldwide! You can see if there’s any hidden tax. Do not be confused by the list above.

our website content does not encourage piracy and. It is our responsibility to obey copyright laws. In this sense, we will inform our readers regarding piracy and we recommend our visitors not use such services through our sites. We don’t share third-party apps and downloads.

Is it safe to use Thop TV?

People had installed this app via third-party websites, but using apps like thop tv is illegal and unsafe to use. This type of app asks you for permissions like operating cameras, contacts, etc.

This thing can cause privacy issues in your phone and there are chances that your id passwords and other critical information gets leaked on the internate.

Also, Thop TV is not available on the apps store. You have to download this app manually from the website via a third party. Surfing this type of website can affect your phone or devices with the virus, malware, trogons, and other bad things.

Whenever you install this type of apps the website and app first ask user permission to accessibility, to install third-party app provides beside play store or AppStore.

For iPhone users eventually, this app is not available yet, and this is great news that you have no chance to damage your phone with this app.

Advantages of Thop TV

  • You do not have to pay extra money for OTT programs
  • You can watch premium content of Netflix, Amazon Prime, Voot, Hotstar, etc.
  • Live streaming also available
  • There is no process of sign up.

Disadvantages of Thop TV

  • Illegal way to consume the OTT and entertainment programs
  • There are chances that your device get affected with virus, malware
  • High chance of privacy leak
  • Your passwords might get expose with this type of apps
  • It first gained your access to your crutial parts of phone
  • Ads can interupt you while watching the programs
  • Frequent crashes while using the app and too many bugs
  • Low security app

So these are some advantages and so many disadvantages. You get more disadvantages of using this type of piracy apps. So it is better to purchase Amazon prime membership during offers.

What are the alternatives to watch OTT contents?

You may purchase the subscription in groups. For example, if you want to purchase Amazone prime membership having worth 200 rupees(The actual price may differ).

You can purchase it in a group of 2 people, by this way you can watch alternatively and your cost also divided into almost half price.

Also, you can use free trials of Netflix for 1 month, and if you like you can renew the membership or else discontinue the services.

How can I get free subscription?

There are mobile post-paid and pre-paid plans available in the different networks providing companies like Jio, VI, Airtel, etc. These network provider companies have some specific postpaid plans that include free subscriptions to Amazon Prime, Netflix, Voot, Hotstar.

You can avail this type of plan and get the benefit from them. These companies also provide fiber plans including free subscriptions of OTT platforms.

You can watch them by using these both conditions and can watch your favorite shows on them. Moreover, you can also signup via your friend’s id if he or she agrees to give the account of OTT platforms.

If you get a free subscription via any of these methods take a cup of tea or chai and enjoy your holidays or Sunday with your family or loved one.


We hope that you have some sort of information about Thop TV and other apps that provide pirated shows. Both consuming and serving piracy is not good in any way.

Stay tuned with for more informative and important content. Save this site in your bookmark to get regular updates.

Is Thop TV is safe to use?

No, apps like Thop TV may affect your devices with the virus and may leak your personal data.

Where can I download Thop TV?

There are plenty of websites available from which you can download Thop TV app, but keep in mind it is not legal and your device also gets affected by it.

Can I watch IPL on Thop TV?

Yes, you can watch but it is not the right way to watch IPL. You can watch cricket matches on Hotstar, Television, Live streams on the official website.

What is the disadvantage of Thop TV?

Frequent crashes while using the app and too many bugs
Low-security apps
Ads Interruption
Not a safe way to watch.

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