India is a very large country and is also known for its spices in the world from ancient times. Years and years are passed out but no country can beat India in the test of various spices.

Kullad chai

Indian people love tea very much, In the local language tea is called chai. Various types of chai are available in India for example Kullad chai, Matka chai, Irani chai.

What is chai?

The word “Chai” was arrived from the Hindi word “Cha”, later it is known as Tea in the world. Chai is a beverage made up of a mixture of strong Indian spices like cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, ginger, and black peppercorns.

Some people also add milk and sugar according to their needs. In India, the test of chai changes almost every 25 km. So you can have an amazing experience and so many different tests of chai if you do the whole tour of India.

Reason Behind Different Test Of Chai

We all know that India comes among the top largest countries in the world. Also, it has vast biodiversity which is one of the major factors that affects the test of chai.

Also, Indian people have their own unique tests in food and beverages. We all have heard about unity in diversity at once in our life which means there is something that makes everybody the same in the whole environment.

Chai is the thing that unites each and every people in diversity.

What Is Kullad Chai?

Before you get to know what is kullad chai, you should have some sort of information about what is kullad?

Kulled is one type of glass-like container made up from the mitti (Clay). Kullad is a handmade glass container made up of mitti.

When the clay is wet and soft the shape of kullad is given and the worker left it on flame or Bhatti to dry up.

Kullad chai

When chai is served in the Kullad it is known as Kullad chai.

Kullad Chai is a uniquely Indian tea ‘prepared’ in a particular form. The Good Old Masjal Tinte tea is poured down in very hot water by way of a tall vessel to inject this tea with its earthy flavor.

It tastes delicious and warm on cold days. For pleasure, I make various kinds of tea. The scent is purely addictive. Do you know that I love tea? I love coffee but come to the storms I crave a good cup of tea, especially at night. The tastes and flavor are simply addictive.

How To Make Kullad Chai?

Here is the video of making kullad chai, all copyrights go to the respected owners. Here we have provided a video just for educational and knowledge purposes.

Ingredients Used Are

  • Milk – 1 cup
  • Water- 3/4 cup
  • Tea leaves- 1.5 tbsp
  • Cardamom – 1
  • Sugar – 3/4 tbsp
  • Ginger – 1 inch

And one cup of Kullad.

What Are The Benefits Of Kullad Chai?

Here are some of the benefits of kullad chai that can help you to gain information about Kullad chai and also increase your general knowledge.

  • Hygenic Kullad can prevent the bad and infectious bacteria from stomach
  • Refreshes Mind and make your Mind Relax
  • Kullad is made up of clays and it can help you to provide you calcium naturally
  • Good for better digestion of food
  • Reduces Acidity and Heartburn
  • Eco Friendly to nature.


I hope, this article will help you to make your own kullad chai at home. If you make Kullad chai after reading this article make sure that you comment on your first-time experience in the comments box.

Also, tell us when you ever had tasted first Kullad chai.

What Are The Extra Ordinary Things Which I Can Do With Kullad Chai?

There are many things which you can do with Kullad chai, like from 8th November to 14th November is going to celebrate as Internation Week Of Science And Peace.

During this whole week, so many events will be going to organize, you can sell Kullad chai at these events and can earn some amount of money for your pocket money.

Also, 9th November is going to celebrate National Legal Services Day, where you can provide free Kullad chai to the people who help the poor people.

What is Kullad Chai?

When Chai or Tea is served in the Kullad it is known as Kullad chai.

What is the cost of Kullad chai?

In India, you can easily get your kullad chai for under 100 rupees.

How is the test of Kullad chai?

The test of Kullad chai is extraordinary and strong. Taste can be changed as per requirements and different regions in India.

Where I can get the best Kullad chai?

There are so many tea sellers which are famous for Kullad chai, search “Best Kullad Chai Near Me” and you will get the list of the best ones.

What are the benefits of Kullad chai?

Hygenic, Reduce acidity and heartburn, refreshes the mind, etc.

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