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Irani chai is one of the best in every specialty of Hyderabad. It was firstly made by the Persians in India and later Irani chai was involved very much in the test and became the best chai of Hyderabad.

Today we are going to share everything we know about the Irani chai in detail, so you can also make this variety of chai at home and it will make your whole day.

Irani Chai

In India, various types of chai are available like Kullad chai, Masala chai, Tulsi chai, etc. Our main focus is to share information and news about the latest trending things.

We are not like some big news portal that can share every news or not also like some new portals that share everything without doing fact check. We here only provide authentic news and trending topic.

What is Irani Chai?

Irani chai has special significance among all variations of Indian tea. You can make other versions of tea with Indian spices and ingredients, but when you make Irani chai you must need Mawa or also known as Khoya in the traditional language.

Mawa is an Indian sweet recipe that is used to make sweets and desserts, Mawa is made by condensing full-fat milk.

Full-fat milk is boiled for a longer time with adding sugar. The thin layer of milk gets evaporated and the pale yellow thick solid is the last product of the process. This remaining product is known as Mawa or Khoya.

This additional thing known as Mawa makes the Irani chai creamy and sweet if you are sugar or diabetic patient you have to take precautions, and if your sugar level remains high you should avoid this tea as a precautionary measure.

Irani Chai Hydrebadi Dum Chai – the extra rich creamy tea supplied as gifts by ancient travelers. The tea concoction is prepared by boiling the tea powder into the water on dum.

When mashed, the milk is boiled separately until reduced in addition to the kawa which is rich in milk products. Once blended they have been placed and cooled to resemble requirements along with delicious oatmeal biscuits.

I would always prefer a cup of chai in a glass of any roadside store, freshly made and served. After its preparation, the color of the powder remains a rich amber.

Reason behind name of Irani Chai

The reason is very simple, it was first introduced by the Persians in India many years ago. Then after the people of India became excellent in making their tea recipes.

Now, when it comes to the name everybody wants to give it a good name as it was firstly a foreign recipe, and Persians belong to the Iran region. So people gave the name Irani Chai to the recipe.

It is also known as Hydrabadi Dum Chai Or Hydrabadi Dum Tea.

Ingredients need to make Irani Chai

You need the following ingredients to make Hydrabadi Dum Tea or Irani Chai at home. Mostly you will get them all from the nearest grocery store or in the market as well.

This video is only for educational purposes, all the credits and rights belong to the original owner of the video and YouTube channel.

How To Makw Irani Chai

Try to make simple tea first if you are a newbie or a first-time tea maker. Somethings will happen not according to you for the first time but in the second or third chance, you will get success definitely.

For the Tea

  1. Water – 1.5 litre or 6 cups
  2. Tea Leaves – 6 tbsp mix of small or big tea leaves
  3. Sugar – 6 tbsp or jaggery

For the Milk

  1. Full Fat Milk – 2 1/2 cup or 600ml
  2. Condensed Milk – 4 tbsp or 25 – 30gms Mava
  3. Green Cardamom – 2-3 pods

If you do not have Mawa or Khoya you can use milk powder also. But there are chances that the original test can be changed due to using milk powder. Although milk powder can give awesome tests to Irani chai.

First, you have to make simple tea without adding milk, as here we have to use creamed milk or for the recipe.

Steps for making tea

  • Add some water in pan according to your need or quantity of chai for people.
  • Make it little warmer.
  • Add some tea leaves in it.
  • Add sugar according to your need and cover the pan with lead.
  • Boil the mixture and mix it properly with circular motion tine to time.
  • Stay remain the pan on the flame to prepare tea.

Steps for making creamed milk

When the tea is getting prepared start making condensed milk side by side to save time.

  • Pour the milk in other pan and let it simmer on low flame.
  • Make sure that you stirrer the milk time to time so that milk do not get burnt
  • When quantity of milk remains half, add same amount of condensed milk in pan for making creamy milk.
  • If you are using mawa add same amount of mawa in the remaining milk
  • Keep simmering the milk for 2-5 minutes to make milk creamy well.

Preparing Irani Chai

When both things are getting done now, the time is to serve the Irani chai to yourself. Follow the below steps to prepare Irani chai at your home.

  • Pour the prepared tea decotion about 1/4 part of the cup with the help of seive
  • Add 3/4 part of creamy milk over it, keep in mind to serve thorougly for and this time you do not have to use seive.
  • Serve it to yourself for refreshing test.
  • Oasmai biscuit and samosa with irani chai an make your day extra-ordinary.

What Irani Chai can do to your mind

  • Keep your mind relax
  • Reduce the stress and headache
  • Make your mind refresh
  • Delicious test improves your enjoyment time


If you have any underlying disease condition like diabetes type 1 or 2, you should avoid this type of thing.

Also, if you are on the diet you have to avoid fatty things and sugary things. Keep all the safety requirements and hygienic environment around you.


In the end, Irani chai can be the best option in winter and monsoon to refresh your mind and remove the stress. Stay connected with our website for more information and entertainment along with recipe content.

What is Irani chai?

Irani Chai Hydrebadi Dum Chai – the extra rich creamy tea supplied as gifts by ancient travelers.

Ingredients need to make Irani Chai

For the Tea

Water – 1.5 liter or 6 cups
Tea Leaves – 6 tbsp mix of small or big tea leaves
Sugar – 6 tbsp or jaggery

For the Milk

Full Fat Milk – 2 1/2 cup or 600ml
Condensed Milk – 4 tbsp or 25 – 30gms Mava
Green Cardamom – 2-3 pods

Is Irani Chai is good for health?

It is free from artificial substances so it does not harm the body, but as it contains more sugar and the fat diabetic patient should have to avoid Irani chai.

Does Irani chai contain bone powder?

No, Irani chai does not contain bone powder. But as it is thick due to creamy milk or mawa, some people had made an allegation that it contains bone powder.

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