Steve Irwin Fans Watch Robert Irwin Keep Dad’s Memory Alive

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Robert Irwin is continuing his father’s mission and successfully keeping his memory alive and well and fans are here for it!

Son of the late Steve Irwin, otherwise known as The Crocodile Hunter, Robert shares many impressive moments on his Instagram page that remind fans so much of his well-loved and missed dad. Fans and followers on Robert’s social media constantly remind the 19-year-old of just how much he reminds them of his dad, and how proud his father must be watching all the good he’s been doing.

Robert Irwin Reminds Fans Of The Crocodile Hunter

Robert Irwin
Robert Irwin – Instagram

He looks like him, sounds like him, and is continuing his mission flawlessly. Robert constantly reminds fans of The Crocodile Hunter and has them reminiscing about some good times.

A recently shared video on Instagram of Steve talking about his children carrying on his mission had fans in the comments talking about how missed he is and how proud he must be of all Robert has been doing.

Steve’s wife and Robert’s mother Terri dropped into the comments to lovingly say, “I know your dad is so proud of you. I love you.❤️”

Many fans also shared their thoughts with Robert and praise him for all he’s doing.

“The only celebrity that I’ve ever been truly sad about losing. He was such a respectful and humble man who loved his wife, his children, and all the creatures of the world. A truly rare gem of a human,” one fan wrote.

Another added, “What a strange position you find yourself in, healing the hearts of a world of kids (now adults) that were so hurt by loss of your dad but could never possibly fathom the pain you feel over the very same loss… And yet, you put that aside and carry on the mission. I’m not sure you’ll ever truly understand the power of what you’re doing, but the world is so much better for your willingness to carry out this unthinkably and brutally unique task. The animals and the people are all so much better off because you are here.”

Another comment shared the emotion behind watching the video, “Don’t think I will ever be able to watch this and not cry. 😢”

Robert Irwin Recently Rescued A Snake From A Vending Machine

Robert and Terri Irwin
Robert Irwin – Instagram

Captioned, “So this was a first for me,” Robert shared that he got a call about a snake stuck in a vending machine at the zoo. Robert flawlessly got the snake out without incident and shared some commentary along the way in a very Steve Irwin kind of way.

He also showed how the snake had an old injury and explained that he will be relocating the snake outside of the Coca-Cola vending machine, the same way his father would have.

“God you are the spitting image of the old man. He would be proud as punch,” one person wrote in the comment section.

Another added, “Your dad must be screaming in the high heavens ‘that’s my boy’ look at him fearless with the snake! Oh how I wish he was still around! I hope one day to see your babies running around doing the same thing! 😭🥰🙏🏼”

Another follower also commented about how much he reminds them of his father. “Perfectly done! He sounded and acted just like his dad would have 😍 gentle and thinking about the life in front of him.”

Welcome To The Zoo, Quokkas!

Another recently shared video also reminded many of Steve’s personality and love for all animals.

“Come meet the newest additions to our @australiazoo animal family… quokkas!!” the caption to the adorable video reads. It’s impossible not to smile while watching Robert get some love and affection in the cutest way by the newest addition to the zoo.

Robert introduced the new zoo resident with giggles while the quokka licked his face all over.

“OMG you are you, but ur dad lives in you… You two are so sweet, funny and really transmit that deep love for animals,” one fan shared. Another added, “You have the best job and you’re a shining light of your father’s spirit. You’ll take it even further.”

Fans often thank Robert for continuing Steve’s work and keeping his spirit alive and well.

“You remind me so much of your dad. He was my hero as a kid! I know he is so proud of you for carrying out his incredible legacy! Thanks for being you,” one person said. “Robert, you’re so your dad, it’s amazing ✨🤙🏽,” shared another.

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