Special Ed Teacher And Playboy Model Shares Message Of Empowerment

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Teacher by day, Playboy model by night.

Venus Reambonanza is balancing her passion of being a special ed teacher with her love of being a model. Always dreaming of being a Playboy bunny, when the opportunity presented itself, she didn’t hesitate to take it. The 33-year-old Bangkok, Thailand resident is sharing her story to help empower other women to follow their dreams.

Venus Reambonanza Balances Teaching With Modeling

Venus Reambonanza
Courtesy of Playboy

Reambonanza isn’t new to modeling. She’s a successful influencer with more than 182,000 followers on Instagram before getting an invitation to join Playboy’s Centerfold platform.

“I had been looking for a platform where I could share my work as a model and influencer and monetize my content. Then, in May 2023, I got an invitation from Playboy to join their platform and I did not hesitate to accept the offer,” she told The Blast exclusively. “I have always wanted to be part of Playboy and considering the power of their branding, it’s something I can be really proud of.”

In just a few short months, Reambonanza said her life has changed thanks to Playboy.

“It has helped my career as an influencer and it has allowed me to have financial freedom,” she said. “It’s only been a few months now, but Playboy has already changed my life.”

Venus Reambonanza
Courtesy of Playboy

The model wants other women to know that nothing is impossible, and you should chase your dreams. And if that dream happens to include Playboy, she has a message.

“Many women have told me that they want to be part of Playboy, but they don’t think it will ever happen,” she said. “I always tell them that anyone can be part of Playboy; Playboy embraces all kinds of beauty.”

Venus Reambonanza Is A Special Education Teacher In Thailand

Venus Reambonanza
Courtesy of Playboy

For the past seven years, Reambonanza has been teaching general education and special needs education children from 5 to 16-years-old. She’s currently teaching English in Thailand. It’s also important for Reambonanza to give back to her community any way she can.

“In my early years of teaching, I used to volunteer as a special education teacher,” she told The Blast. “I give back by dedicating my time and passion to help the children in need of care and knowledge of which they will be using in their real life. Sometimes, I even use my own salary just to come up with teaching materials to make the learning of students easier and more fun.”

The teacher and model works hard to create a support system that empowers her students to thrive. She said that every year she comes across some students who are lost and doesn’t understand the purpose of going to school daily.

“I make it a point to have daily conversations with my students. I simply ask them what they are interested in and help them envision their future,” she said. “I want all my students to feel respected and know it doesn’t matter if they want to become a fireman, a lawyer, a vendor, a YouTuber, or a bookkeeper, as long as they are happy and good people in society. I also make sure to serve as an example for them, so they can see the value of finishing your education. You would be surprised how quickly children become motivated to learn when they start to feel excited about their future.”

Venus Reambonanza
Courtesy of Playboy

Reambonanza has an important message that can help not only her students, but also her fans and followers.

“I want people who have experienced bullying to never get discouraged. Studies show that bullies tend to have low self-esteem, so I like to remind my students that it isn’t personal and you can’t let someone else’s low worth affect your mental health,” she explained. “I used to be bullied because of my appearance and height, but I used my uniqueness to stand out in life and reach my dreams. You simply have to turn your weakness into a strength.”

The model shares photos and videos on Instagram and can also be found on the Playboy’s creator-led digital platform.

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