Hard Acne Pops Out Of Face Like Rotten Avocado

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Dr Pimple Popper is back again and she is giving her #popaholics a fatty treat this time!

For those who haven’t spent enough time eating their healthy fats, Dr. Sandra Lee is letting you know that you might find it in a cyst in her latest Instagram video.

“When you wait too long to eat your avocados 🫤😩,” she captioned the pop video.

Take a look for yourself below to see if it looks like a rotten avocado, just like fans have argued.

Dr Pimple Popper Warns About Waiting Too Long To Eat Avocados

In the satisfying or gross video — depending on how enjoy popping pimples — the cyst was located on the cheek of the patient.

Dr Pimple Popper — Hard Acne Pops Out Of A Face Like Rotten Avocado
Instagram | Pimple Popper

Applying pressure on the acne revealed it was hard inside, but trust the legendary Pimple Popper to find a solution.

Upon making an incision and squeezing hard, a chunky textured greenish substance oozed out, imitating an overripe avocado that has spent so long on the counter.

A lot pops out of the small acne spot almost amounting to a teaspoon. However, the clip doesn’t reach full completion as the entire content didn’t pop out.

Fans were not to pleased with this and voiced their frustration. “I just wanted to the whole video. Making it short like this is so annoying,” complained one angry fan.

Another urged, “I wanna see the whoooollllle video”! Fighting with Dr Lee a fan wrote, “Dr Lee ..if you aint gonna fully be about it..”

Dr Pimple Popper — Hard Acne Pops Out Of A Face Like Rotten Avocado
Instagram | Pimple Popper

Others, however, were focused on the gunky substance. “Avocados 🥑 you mean cause the good fat keeps the skin clear.?” a fan chipped, in reference to the cheeky caption.

Another wrote, “Omg. I’ve had one that size…had no idea all that may have been hiding. Chipmunks got nothing on that cheek”!

This fan questioned, “The sac, the sac, where is the sac removal? 😫” while another added, “I can smell that from here!! Epic!

“That was too accurate of a description 😂,” a fan agreed with Dr. Lee, while another praised, “This one was so satisfying”!

Dr Pimple Popper — Hard Acne Pops Out Of A Face Like Rotten Avocado
Instagram | Pimple Popper

Who Knew A Keloid Could Look Like A Potato?!

If you thought a rotten avocado was disgusting, wait until you see this giant keloid that looked like a potato!

Upon looking at the clip, it is not sure what body part the scary bump is located, but fans sure had their ideas. “Who else thought it was an 🍆 for the first millisecond? Just me? Ok bye” questioned this curious user.

This fan agreed, writing, “I thought it was a pnnis..”while this user shared the sentiment, “Potato wasn’t the first thing that spring to mind….”

Dr. Pimple Popper

“It looks like something different than a potato,” commented another follower.

A smart fan quipped, “I thought it was the head of a pen is,” while another wrote, “I thought this was a Prince Albert piercing.”

Dr Lee talks about how she plans to scrap it off the skin, saying she FREEZES it off!

Dr. Pimple Popper

You can watch the keloid turn from brown to white like a snow ice ball. “It takes a little while….it goes snap, It’s frozen in ice and then dislodges,” she explains.

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