Justin Martindale Weighs On Heather McDonald & Jeff Lewis Feud!

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And just like that… Heather McDonald has burned another bridge in Hollywood.

The former TV personality and comedian is currently embroiled in a petty social media feud with her former friend and Sirius XM host, Jeff Lewis.

The Blast recently reported on the former “Chelsea Lately” guest panelist shading the “Jeff Lewis Live” host.

Heather McDonald Is On The Outs With ANOTHER Longtime Friend

Instagram / Heather McDonald

McDonald attempted to pull a Mariah Carey “I don’t know her…” bit while coming out of a Hollywood restaurant.

In a TikTok clip shared online, McDonald could be seen outside the restaurant where she was surrounded by the paparazzi who asked for comments on Lewis and his recent remarks about her.

“Do you have any response to this Jeff Lewis thing,” a paparazzo asked McDonald, to which she replied, “Who?… Oh, I have never heard of him.”

Jeff Lewis WHO?!?

@joy.of.everything Heather McDonald’s response to Jeff Lewis outside of Craig’s in Weho. #heathermcdonald #jefflewis #joyofeverything #comedy #hollywoodfeud #podcast #hollywoodgossip #gossip #andycohen #heathermcdonaldjuicyscoop #juicyscoop @Jeff Lewis ♬ original sound – Joy Of Everything

The shade comes just a few days after Lewis revealed he blocked her on Instagram due to her actions towards him during a paid episode of her podcast on Patreon.

Shockingly enough (or not so shocking) McDonald’s fallout with Lewis comes hot on the heels of another friend fallout.

Comedian Justin Martindale set the record on their friendship fallout during an episode of his podcast, “JUST SAYIN’ with Justin Martindale.”

Instagram / Justin Martindale

He said, “Over the weekend I found out my friend, Heather McDonald, comedian and host of ‘Juicy Scoop,’ that I was occasionally was on for about 33 times, and I’ve also featured for over 15 live shows with her, she charged her listeners on Patreon to speak about her side of a story about all this drama that’s been going on between us,” he explained. “This is where I draw the line. Making money off of my name to change the narrative to save face.”

To add even more insult to injury, Martindale further explained how McDonald went out of her way to ensure he would NOT appear on Lewis’ Sirius XM talk show.

Heather Allegedly Told Lewis He Needed Approval To Have Justin On

Heather McDonald Shades Jeff Lewis After He BLOCKED Her On Instagram Amid Justin Martindale Drama
Instagram | Jeff Lewis

“I don’t know the whole Jeff Lewis crew, at this time, I know who Jeff Lewis is. I didn’t know the beef between everybody. I just stayed in my lane,” the comedian admitted.

Lewis basically told Justin he couldn’t have him on the show, because “I have to have Heather’s approval. Heather won’t let you be on ‘JLL.’”

The Blast’s Madison Conklin reached out to Martindale on social media and asked his thoughts on McDonald’s feud.

He had three words for her… “Bless her heart.”

Justin Martindale Has THIS To Say To Heather…

Instagram / Madison Conklin

NOW, if you know anything about this seemingly heartfelt phrase, you’ve got to understand it has multiple meanings.

“Bless her heart” could be used to express genuine sympathy; however, often times in the South, it is used as an insult that conveys condescension, derision, or contempt.

It must be noted that Martindale is a Texas native. And with that, we’ll let you interpret “bless her heart” how you deem fit!

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