Brian Laundrie Hinted His Murderous Trip W/ Gabby Was His Last

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New details about Brian Laundrie’s time after killing Gabby Petito have come to light.

The murderous 23-year-old reportedly exchanged text messages with a friend following Gabby’s disappearance and subsequent death.

If you followed the disappearance and worldwide search for Gabby, then you know she was reported missing by her mother, Nichole Schmidt, on September 11, 2021.

Brian Sent Texts To A Friend After Murdering Gabby

Brian Laundrie Had A Gun On The Run, Parents AND FBI Hid From Public

Upon discovering her remains in Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park on September 19th, it was determined that she died on or around August 28th. Her cause of death was manual strangulation and the matter of death was homicide.

According to a new report from The Messenger, Laundrie allegedly texted a friend about his trip with his former fiancée in early September 2021.

Brian Laundrie Acted Like Nothing Happened While Texting Friend!

The outlet reviewed text messages sent from Laundrie’s phone.

He nonchalantly told his friend Ben, “Trip was good,” on September 4, 2021. Remember, Gabby wasn’t reported missing until seven days after this text message was sent.

Brian Laundrie Had A Gun On The Run, Parents AND FBI Hid From Public


“Gab and I had fun. Tired now, gonna sleep for a week,” Laundrie explained to Ben via text. “We made a lot of content. It was once in a lifetime.”

Gabby was an aspiring YouTube vlogger and “van life” influencer.

Notice how all of Laundrie’s messages failed to mention his monstrous and murderous actions on the trip.

Furthermore, it’s interesting he called it a “once in a lifetime trip.”

Does this mean he KNEW that would be is last ever trip? Did he KNOW he was going to take his own life after coming back to Florida without Gabby? After all, he did become the primary person of interest in her disappearance.

It Was A “Once In A Lifetime” Trip According To Laundrie

Brian Laundrie Gabby Petito 1

Once law enforcement officials were onto him, Laundrie booked it out of his parent’s house and fled to the Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park in Florida. He led law enforcement on a weeks-long manhunt.

His remains were discovered in the environmental park on October 20th. Laundrie died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

He left a detailed note in which he admitted to killing Gabby.

The Confession!

The 23-year-old praised his former fiancée writing, “I love you more than anything… When I close my eyes I will think of laying on the roof of the van, falling asleep to the sight of a meteor shower at the crystal geyser. I will always love you.”

Laundrie then went into the grim details surrounding her death.

“I hear a splash and a scream. I could barely see, I couldn’t find her for a moment, shouted her name. I found her breathing heavily gasping my name, she was freezing cold. We had just came from the blazing hot National Parks in Utah,” he wrote. “The temperature had dropped to freezing and she was soaking wet. I carried her as far as I could down the stream towards the car, stumbling exhausted in shock, when my knees buckled and knew I couldn’t safely carry her. I started a fire and spooned her as close to the heat, she was so thin, had already been freezing for too long. I couldn’t at the time realize that I should’ve started a fire first but I wanted her out of the cold back to the car.”

Gabby fell in the water and was unable to tell him what hurt, according to Laundrie.

Gabby Petito
Instagram | Gabby Petito

He noted that she had a small bump on her forehead which grew in size as time went on.

“Her feet hurt. Her wrist hurt but she was freezing, shaking violently, while carrying she continually made sounds of pain, laying next to her she said lapsing between violent shakes, gasping in pain, begging for an end to her pain,” his notebook entry continued. “I ended her life, I thought it was merciful, that it is what she wanted, but I see now all the mistakes I made. I panicked, I was in shock. But from the moment I decided, took away her pain, I knew I couldn’t go on without her.”

Laundrie said he rushed home without Gabby’s body to spend “any time I had left with my family.”

He said he wanted to drive north to let two guys kill him, but he didn’t want them to “spend time in jail over my mistake.”

“I am ending my life not because of a fear of punishment but rather because I can’t stand to live another day without her. Please do not make life harder for my family, they lost a son and a daughter. The most wonderful girl in the world. Gabby I’m sorry,” he continued. “I have killed myself by this creek in hopes that animals may tear me apart. That it may make some of her family happy. Please pick up all of my things. Gabby hated people who litter.”

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