What Tells You Someone Wasn’t Raised Right?

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Is there a sign that immediately tells you someone wasn’t raised right?

A Redditor who goes by spirallinggg wanted to know what other people thought the sure-fire signs are that a person was not raised well. Thousands of Reddit users had some ideas to share in the thread, “What immediately tells you that a person wasn’t raised right?”


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“I remember being in a McDonald’s drive through with someone I recently started dating. They took a cup from their cupholder and threw it out the window. Lost all feelings for them. I told them off and demanded they turn around and pick the cup back up. They kept arguing the McDonald’s workers will pick it up. I argued I didn’t care and they can’t just fu**ing toss cups out their window. Dumba** forgot wind existed, I guess? Glad I left them, littering wasn’t the main reason but holy hell did it break me out of my trance.”


No Accountability

“Lack of personal accountability. they can never admit wrongdoing on their part. It’s always someone else’s fault.”


Nothing But Excuses

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“When a person is supposed to apologize but makes excuses instead.”


The Little Things

“Some pretty small things that tell me everything:

  • Cutting the line when you clearly see people waiting in front of you.
  • Disrespecting servers or cashiers.
  • Not holding the door for someone who’s directly behind you or coming towards you.
  • Dropping an empty fast food bag or soda cup casually out a car window.
  • Leaving the table you were eating at in a food court or a fast food restaurant or any restaurant a disaster.
  • Leaving the shopping cart in an unideal location if a cart corral is nearby.”


Grocery Shopping

“People who dump refrigerated grocery products on random aisles.”


No Means No

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“When a person doesn’t respect the word ‘no.’ When someone feels entitled to know why a person says no, then they weren’t raised to mind their own business.”


I’m Sorry But…

“When someone apologizes, and then adds a but onto it. For example, my boss held a meeting among the kitchen staff where he apologized for his attitude, and then added “But you guys need to understand that I’m a no bullshit kind of person.” No sir, that’s not how apologies work.”


Comparing Bad Times

“When they immediately start comparing trauma, ‘oh your dog died by getting hit by a car? Well my dog died by getting torn apart so I feel your pain’ Like bitch shut the f**k, especially if you f***ing know they are lying.

Hey so a lot of people are bringing up a good point that this is how a lot of neuro divergent people connect and I guess I should clarify this in a way that makes more sense. The people I’m talking about are the ‘my life is so much harder then yours so you have to focus on me’ type people, there a lot of people who do this trying to be sincere and I appreciate those people lol. I’m sorry for the misunderstanding and I hope you all have an amazing day!”


Shopping Cart Laziness

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“Leaving their shopping cart in the middle of the parking lot.”


Dog Poop

“People who don’t pick up their dog’s poo! Nobody wants to step in that literal shit, and it breeds disease! I was walking my dog, and this man was watching his LARGE dog poo, then he walked away. I was so mad, muttering profanities under my breath…when I saw him walk back and pick it up. He hadn’t had a bag and had walked to the dog station to get one. I felt like such a heel. But I have walked past so many piles of poop, and find it so inconsiderate and trashy.”


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