Relationship Ends Because Of ‘Barbie’ Movie

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Is the “Barbie” movie to blame for a Reddit user’s breakup with his 20-year-old girlfriend? The 24-year-old seems to think so and wanted to see what others thought so he shared his story on the app and thousands of people chimed in on his situation.

Redditor AnabolicApplesauce asked if he was wrong after sharing some of his breakup story.

“My girlfriend and I had gotten together just before summer and everything was phenomenal and the best either of us have had but once we went to the Barbie movie her entire energy changed and was very distant,” he explained. “My first thought would be I must have reacted wrong to it but I enjoyed the movie and don’t remember giving a negative reaction.”

He went on to explain that for three weeks after seeing the movie together, they “barely had a physical relationship” and during those three weeks, she canceled a road trip they had together to his home state.

“Anyways it went back to almost normal for 3 more weeks, like we went on fancy dates and out to do things with her friend and then went to a concert last weekend had an amazing time even got a beautiful picture taken of us on the barrier,” he continued. “The next day she got home from work and told me she was packing her things and leaving. I was told I didn’t meet her needs because I wouldn’t ask her if she was okay until she finally said what was wrong and the quality of my complements on her physical appearance weren’t good enough.”

While he understands there are two sides to every story, he claims he thought she was the one and put everything into the relationship. He recalls things began to shift in the relationship after watching “Barbie.”

Wrong Movie

Barbie movie

“I see your problem. If you’d see Oppenheimer instead, you’d be married with two kids by now.”


It’s Something Else

“Like the fight over the dishes that lead to the divorce…it wasn’t about the dishes.”


Don’t Blame The Movie

Stock photo
Stock Photo – Canva

“The fact that you think it’s the Barbie movie makes me think you were oblivious to a lot and/or she is bad at communicating.”


Not Kenough

“You’re just Ken. Anywhere else you’d be a 10. Where you see love she sees a friend. If she can’t see the man behind the tan and fight for you then there’s always beach.”


A Different Perspective

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Stock Photo – Canva

“Nobody leaves a person because of a movie, it just made her realize something, or gave her a perspective and that ist what ended the relationship.”


Mojo Dojo Casa House

“Work through your feelings in your Mojo Dojo Casa House.”


More Than The Movie

“Your breakup didn’t have anything to do with the movie.

It’s possible that it made her think about things and evaluate them (any book or movie can, let’s be honest.) It’s possible your reactions or lack of sparked something in her.

It’s possible it was absolute coincidence, and she was already quietly digesting what she was needing and evaluating whether it was there.

But here’s the thing… She didn’t find what she needs in your relationship. That doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you, or that you did anything wrong (or that you didn’t. It’s totally possible you’re not ready for a relationship in some fundamental way, but there’s nothing here to say that’s true or false.)

All you know is: it wasn’t working for her. And that’s sad, but it’s also okay.”


The Movie Brought Something To The Surface

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Stock Photo – Canva

“A lot of people are telling you it “had nothing to do with the movie,” but that’s not completely accurate.

I was married to an addict, she was never around. One night flipping around the channels, I stopped on an old movie, The Misfits, with Marilyn Monroe & Clark Gable (I think? It’s been a while). There’s a line given by Monroe: “if I’m going to be lonely, I want to be alone.”

That really struck a chord with me and from that moment on I gave up on the relationship. And pretty soon after I filed for divorce.

So, what I’m saying, I suppose is the movie brought to the surface something she already knew and felt.

Going through a breakup is rough, and like most things there’s no real answer that’s going to satisfy the hurt and confusion you feel. Ironically, life isn’t full of neat answers like movies.

Focus on yourself. Do something interesting. That was a lesson I learned after divorce: if you want people to be interested, you have to be interesting.”


Could Be The Movie’s Message

“I once dumped a guy because I watched Thor. I realized that the movie made me feel better about myself than my ex did, and decided that my minimum standard for a relationship should be “makes me feel better than a Marvel movie.”



“Sounds like you’re looking for a scapegoat and the Barbie movie is handy. Odds are good something was off before that and you just weren’t picking up on it. BTW, no one is ‘the One’ at 20 because they’re still learning and growing and developing. Also, 20 year olds are capricious by nature and maybe she’ll spend the rest of her life kicking herself for leaving, but if life’s taught me anything, it’s never go back. You gotta move forward.”


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