Redditors Share Industry ‘Dirty Little Secrets’

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Does the industry you work in have a “dirty little secret” that you think people should know about?

Reddit user Thealexiscowdell1 recently posed the question, “What is a ‘dirty little secret’ about an industry that you have worked in, that people outside the industry really should know?” and thousands entered the chat to spill the tea.

Makeup Trick

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“They put little weights in lipsticks to make them feel more expensive so they can charge more.”


Fondling Your Food

“We touch your food with our hands. Weird. And yes, we wash them so often that they might fall off. That, or you get a**holes that wear gloves for 12 hours and never change gloves or wash their hands.”



“Nobody who actually sorts mail gives a shit about your package. The word fragile doesn’t stop them from throwing it 20ft into a metal container.”


Just 30 Seconds

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“Locksmith here. We can get into any lock/door within 30 seconds. All the posturing and bringing out an impressive toolkit and hammer drill is just showmanship to pro long the call out. 30 seconds flat.”



“In the consulting world, nobody really knows what they’re doing.”


Find A Credit Union

“Wells Fargo (and other banks, WF is just the worst I’ve had experience with) likes to come up with ways to illegally charge you fees. They then eventually get sued, pay a fine that is less than 1% of the profit they made on those fees, then finds a new slightly different way to fuck you some more. Rinse and repeat.

Find a good credit union. Mega banks are all screwing you over.”


Cutting Corners In Hotel Housekeeping

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“Hotels don’t change the comforter on the beds in between guests unless there’s a noticeable stain on it. If the pillows are placed on a chair instead of on the bed at check out, housekeeping assumes they weren’t used and puts them back on the bed without changing the pillowcases. All of this is due to cutting corners in housekeeping because the keepers are under strict timers for each room, and they have an insane amount of rooms to do every day.”


Hiring A Life Coach

“No one should really be hiring life coaches unless they love to give away money. There’s no real licensing body, education, expectations, etc.

It’s literally just random people who like giving advice.

Reddit gives crappy advice for free, might as well try that first.”


Just Sneak It In

“My buddy worked at our local movie theater (AMC), he told me the signs up front say “no outside food or drink” but their policy says they can’t search or stop people even if they clearly have something, I told this to another buddy and he went next week with a whole tai dinner and a big gas station soda, cashier said it smelled good lol”


IT Secret

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“I’ve been in IT for 20+ years. We’re not smart. We just google sh*t.”



“The old folks in care homes get overmedicated to keep them docile.”


Publishing A Book

“I used to work in publishing.

You don’t need to pay independent publishing houses to publish your book. You can self-pub ebooks, Hard and softcover books and even audiobooks with little upfront fees or cost.

You don’t have to pay 100s or 1000s for someone to edit or clean up your manuscript; you can find someone on Fiverr for pennies on the dollar.

The publishing house I used to work for would charge around 8-9 cents per word for editing, and then would farm out the work to a contractor in Fiverr for 1-3 cents per word.”


That’s Acceptable?

“I dated a girl who was a food scientist and there’s an ‘acceptable amount’ of contaminant in food. Like, mold, rat droppings.”


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