Redditors Reveal The Celebrities They’ve Seen At Their Jobs

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Have you ever run into a celebrity while at your job in the restaurant industry? Many Redditors have and in a discussion on the topic, they revealed who it was and how the interaction went.

Reddit user, Basic-Importance-680, started the convo by sharing, “I’m not a waitress or server, but I used to work in the fast food industry for awhile. I saw 6ix9ine multiple times when I worked at McDonald’s over a year ago.”

The story continued, “He always ordered a bunch of food and asked for free stuff which we refused. Once I was giving him his change back, it was $10, and he handed it back to me asking for a different $10 bill because it looked all ripped up. The other customers when they would come up to the drive thru window would ask me if I just saw 6ix9ine or make a comment about him. I’m not a huge fan of him, but I like 1 or 2 songs. We all acted like he was a regular person when he saw us. Does anyone have any experiences like that?”

Multiple Encounters!

Drew Barrymore

“I’ve had multiple celebrities come into my old job, where I was a host, so my encounters with them were generally brief, as I did not serve them.

Drew Barrymore was by far the nicest, most genuine person. I did not even recognize her at first and we were a few moments away from closing the kitchen between lunch and dinner service, so I gave her the whole ‘you’ll have to place your order quickly but you can stay as long as you’d like’ run-down and she was super understanding and kind about it. The server came over after and informed me who I just had sat.

Daniel Radcliffe and his parents were also super nice.

Nicole Kidman was very intimidating, but did not act in any negative way, her presence was just very powerful.

David Byrne frequented our bar and read on his iPad. he was very kind.

Kristen Stewart was very outgoing and talkative. David Schwimmer was quiet. I did not recognize Katie Couric and almost turned her away because of aforementioned closing between service – oops.”


Prince, LeBron, And Tiger

“I’ve waited on Prince and LeBron and Tiger Woods.

LeBron doesn’t tip and was needy. He was a lot younger then though so maybe he’s better now.

Tiger was a good tipper, polite, etc. Just a normal customer type interaction. No entitlement or special treatment needed.

Prince. Prince had bodyguards and I was shocked at how small he was and how he could walk in his platform shoes. His handlers ordered everything for him and he didn’t speak. They ordered way too much food, treating entrees as samplers. He didn’t even make eye contact, until the end that is, when he cocked his head slightly, looked at me with a looking-into-your-soul look and gave a slight head nod. ‘Wassup, I’m Prince and you’re alright.’ Left a massive tip.”


“Aw Man That Sucks”

“Not a restaurant, but I checked Joey Fatone into the hotel I worked at. He was really really nice. I told him he was the first celebrity I’ve ever met and he said, ‘Aw man that sucks.’ Which made me sad lol.”


There Was No A** Whooping

“Not a server, but I met Chuck Norris at a ski lodge in Utah one time. He’s shorter than I imagined. He skis very fast. I’m a former racer, and I couldn’t keep up with him. Nice guy, and he did not whoop my ass, just for the record.”


Fancy Hotel Guests

Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick

“Worked at a fancy hotel for a while. My girlfriend dropped off food to Dave Chapelle and the room stunk like weed. I waited on Mathew Broderick and Sara Jessica Parker who were super nice, and their children were extremely polite and well behaved. I didn’t interact with him but the front desk had high praises for Chadwick Bosman.”


So Many Celebs

“From personal experience, Talib Kweli, Quest Love, and Dave Chappelle are all very polite and good tippers. Michelle Wolf and Michael Moore are a little aloof and pretty typical as customers. I work in a small town frequented by celebrities, so a lot of my fellow industry employees have waited on celebrities. One of my coworkers waited on Hannibal Buress and he was friendly but so high he accidentally walked out on his tab. Apparently Bill Burr is very polite and a good tipper. Chris Rock wouldn’t talk to his server and communicated through other people in his party. Pete Davidson slept with his bar tender. Louis CK ordered the same breakfast every time he went to the breakfast place and was quiet. Sarah Silverman was super laid back and wearing pajamas.

Basically, except for Chris Rock, every celebrity I have heard of going to a restaurant in this town has acted anywhere from totally normal to better than average as a customer.”


Denied Entry!

“R. Kelly came to the club that I was a bouncer at. This was after everyone knew that he was a creep but before being charged. I denied him entry because he didn’t have an ID. His entourage was pissed. Lol”


Those Blue Eyes

Patrick Dempsey

“Patrick Dempsey – very approachable and kind. Amazing blue eyes in person.”


One Trashy, One Good Tipper

“2 separate occasions at the cheesecake factory maybe 15+ years ago.

1 was Suge Knight. Took over as a breaker and before I sent the previous server on lunch, was introduced to a mountain of a man who I thought looked really familiar. Couldn’t put my finger on it until a coworker comes up to me and tells me who it is and I realized that I was face to face with the guy who was allegedly responsible for the death of Tupac. He was a complete a**hole, came in with some trashy hood rat, and stiffed me on the tip.

The other was Anthony Anderson who wasn’t at my table but I ran some food out to him. Was shocked when I dropped the food off because I recognized him immediately. Told him I was a big fan and that Life and the Barbershop series were hilarious. He was super nice and appreciative. Heard he tipped well.”


Just Wanted To Be Left Alone

Jerry Springer Sighting in New York City

“Jerry Springer came into my restaurant by himself after his show. He sat in the back of the restaurant with his face buried in a book (that he was genuinely reading) with his legs crossed. Not a soul noticed him. He was very nice and quiet. Just wanted to be left alone but was not rude about it.”


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