This Husband Doesn’t Support Wife’s Taylor Swift Addiction

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Is he the “anti-hero” or maybe he just has “bad blood?” Perhaps it’s just time for him to “shake it off” and support his wife’s obsession with Taylor Swift. Okay, okay…we’ll stop now and let him deal with his own “karma.” (Sorry, we had one last Swift song reference to throw at you before jumping into the real issue.)

A Redditor wants to know if he’s the a**hole because he doesn’t emotionally support his wife’s over the top obsession with the singer, and plenty of other Reddit users had some things to say about his situation.

“AITAH Because I Don’t Emotionally Support My Wife’s Obsession With Taylor Swift?”

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Redditor Johnnywritesstuff started a thread to see if he is indeed the a**hole in the situation of him not supporting his wife’s obsession with Swift.

“My wife is fully obsessed with Taylor Swift. For the last year + that’s all she listens to. Every Taylor Swift album on one continuous loop when she’s working out or even just walking around the house doing stuff,” he explained. “Spent $2k to go see her recently at the eras tour. Probably spent another $200 on merch. She filmed the show on her phone and will regularly put it on the TV and just watch for hours. Will also watch the livestreams of her performances on TikTok or whatever streaming platform those are on.”

His wife also refers to the live concert as “the best experience of my life.” She claims that Swift is a “lifestyle,” and he said he just doesn’t understand.

Taylor Swift

“I have for sure made comments to my wife implying that this whole Taylor Swift thing is getting out of hand,” he went on to explain. “I also was not super stoked that she was spending that much on one ticket to go see one concert, but ultimately it’s what she really wanted and we had the money, so I said yes, and I am happy that she got to go.”

He also said that she recently blew up at him over the fact that he doesn’t support her as much as she feels she should. She wants him to stop making rude comments and stop rolling his eyes and be more emotionally supportive of her obsession.

To the comments…

Maybe You’re Getting In The Way

“It’s seems to me like u r getting in the way of ur wife’s and Taylor Swifts relationship.”


Nope, NTA

“NTA: You absolutely are not required to “emotionally support” her super fandom.

She seems weird.”


A Little Of Both Perhaps

“Info: are you asking about not supporting her hobby, or for actively shi**ing on it?

She cites comments I make implying its a cult and the only one winning here is Taylor Swift raking in the dough, and maybe its time to focus on other things. She wants me to stop making comments like that and stop rolling my eyes

Calling her hobby a cult and rolling your eyes when she talks about are definitely the moves of an a**hole.

Just imagine how’d you feel if someone did that to you.

So, you’re N T A for ‘not emotionally supporting’ her hobby, but 100% YTA for being an condescending asshole about how you expressed your displeasure at her enjoying herself in a way you don’t like.”


Consider Not Teasing

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“I don’t think you’re an AH for your comments about the fiscal side of the disagreement. That is a healthy discussion in a marriage.

Disparaging something she enjoys seems unnecessary. Calling it a cult and rolling your eyes. Lots of times these little things start as innocent teasing, but end up going too far and hurting the partner.

Something to consider.”


Marriage Counseling Necessary

“How tf can Taylor Swift be a “Lifestyle” to a grown adult? I’m a major fan of my favorite band, I’ve traveled to other cities to go see them, have tattoos related to them, but I wouldn’t say they’re my lifestyle! NTA, I think you may need to think about marriage counseling if she is making it this big of an issue.”


Let Her Have Her Obsession

Taylor Swift

“Honestly, there are plenty of people that are obsessed with sports and we all just shrug and are like ‘that’s normal’. But a woman loves Taylor Swift and everyone is like “omg! Is she 12?” She isn’t hurting anything. Let her have her thing.”



“Dude if you n Taylor are in a burning building and your wife could only save one, well, I’d go to your funeral. Your situation sounds crazy.”


Give Her A Taste Of Her Own Medicine


As a fellow Swiftie, she’s gone too far. No celebrity should be emotional support or a lifestyle. That’s borderline crazy talk.

Maybe get super hard into the Messi fandom and play clips and interviews nonstop. Some people can’t see the problem unless there’s a comparative scenario to help them understand.

When I see fans like this I just back away slowly.”


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