BKFC Bombshell Amber Fields Trades In Her Round Cards For Boxing Gloves!

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Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship ring girl Amber Fields will soon be getting into the ring for a different reason. Instead of holding up cards and entertaining the crowd walking around the ring, the “Bombshell” is currently putting on some boxing gloves and training to be a boxer!

The model, 28, has been sharing some of her progress along the way on social media as she gears up for a one-two punch and some knockouts of her own.

Model Amber Fields Is Training To Get In The Ring As A Boxer

Amber Fields
Amber Fields – Instagram

Fields is well known as a ring girl, or “Bombshell” with the BKFC, as well as a working model. She’s modeled for Playboy, won the Miss IBMS Orlando pageant along with the Miss Winghouse pageant in 2017, is a ring girl for Pro Box, and a combat sports spokesmodel.

A recently shared TikTok video shows that Fields is working toward getting in the ring as a boxer.

@missamberfields I sped this up to fit in my story! I still have lots of hard work ahead! I film myself to see where I need work becuase in the moment you dont really see your mistakes. #efcboxing #boxingtraining #misfitsboxing ♬ original sound – Missamberfields

Captioned, ” I sped this up to fit in my story! I still have lots of hard work ahead! I film myself to see where I need work because in the moment you don’t really see your mistakes,” Fields shared a little of how she’s preparing to box it out in the ring.

A few weeks prior, Fields shared a video on TikTok of how she continues to train despite nursing an injury captioned, “Don’t stop. Won’t stop. Keep moving.”

@missamberfields dont stop. Wont stop. keep moving #boxing #femaleboxing #influencerboxing #efcboxing ♬ original sound – Missamberfields

According to Fields’ Facebook page, she apparently already had her first fight in late July. A reel of Fields with boxing gloves on in the ring is captioned, “I have been training tirelessly with the best coaches to see if I have what it takes to get in the ring. That’s right! I am going to partake in Influencer boxing matches with EFC Boxing, and with a lot of hard work, I’ll take home some titles.”

Her caption went on to say that her first match was July 29 in Wesley Chapel. “I was born with a fire in my soul and I am here to burn it down,” her caption concluded.

While there’s been no word on how that match went, Fields continues to post about being a ring girl, model and her boxing training.

@missamberfields Never let them know whats coming🥊 @efcboxing is the next best thing when it comes to influencer boxing!! I’m so happy to be apart of it! Come out Saturday for our first event. 💪🏼 #ringgirl #boxing #efcboxing #influencerboxing ♬ original sound – XVX

The comment section of her boxing videos is filled with support and encouragement.

“Talk about a quick change! I’m keepin my eye on you😍,” one person wrote. “I’m rooting for you 🥊🤟😃,” shared another.

There are only about 30 women boxers in three different classes listed on the EFC Worldwide website. And while Fields’ isn’t currently listed on the site, she’s working hard to get there.

Amber Fields Shares Modeling Photos On Instagram Often

Amber Fields
Amber Fields – Instagram

Fields is not shy about sharing her modeling photos on Instagram for her more than 957,000 followers.

She has a pinned photo of some shots that didn’t make it into Playboy Denmark that also gives a little background on her.

She also shares some footage from her job as a ring girl for Pro Box and BKFC.

Most often seen wearing skimpy dresses, bathing suits and lingerie, the model flaunts what she’s got and her fans are there for it.

“You are beyond gorgeous Amber! 🔥🔥🔥” one follower wrote in the comment section of an Instagram post. “Look so perfect, 😍” wrote another.

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